Friday, June 17, 2011


During a recent adventure into the attic, my husband found my box of oil paints.  They are at least 24 years old, some even older!  To my amazement, they were not all dried up!  Many of the tubes had fused together, and broke open when I tried to separate them.  I put those in snack size baggies.  Otherwise, they seem to be fine.  So, here is my first oil painting in... well... 24 years!  (Yes, I was a baby when I started painting!)  What do you think?  Any suggestions for a title?

6" x 6" oil on gessoed fiberboard


  1. I'd say those oil paints are in fine working order. This is gorgeous. My tItle suggeston: Sunseekers.

  2. Azra ~ I did it again! I hit that goofy delete button instead of publish! I'm blaming my new glasses this time! I loved your title suggestion "Searching for the Sun", and Ann, "Sunseekers", it looks like we're all on the same course here. Thanks for your input, I love comments!