Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Boogie Samantha and Relda"

This portrait was commissioned by the owner of "Mist" for her friend in Texas.  Sam is a gorgeous Tennessee Walking Horse/Arabian mix.  She has the richest color coat I've ever seen on a horse! The painting arrived at its new home today, and Relda, the rider, is happy ~ so ~ that makes me happy!

24"x 30" acrylic on stretched portrait canvas.

I used purple/white for an underpainting.  This was confusing to folks that walked by, causing them to think it was going to be a purple horse!  :D

Acrylics do make it easy to start and stop without too much fuss.

As I moved away from the subject to the edge of the canvas, the landscape became less detailed.

At this point, I met with the buyer, and a few adjustments were needed.  I removed some grass from directly behind the rider, and opened Sam's eye.  It was hard to tell if the eye was just in the shadows like the riders profile.

24"x 30" acylic on canvas     SOLD


  1. OMG Liz!! This is amazing! At first I thought I was looking at a photo.It was well worth the wait to see this gorgeous horse and the whole scene.

  2. "BREATHTAKING!!!!" if this isn't perfection ~~ than i don't know what perfection is! both peggy & relda could NOT POSSIBLY be more pleased or proud of this work! OUTSTANDING liz! BRAVO! i think you even out did yourself on this one!

  3. Beautiful. Love your process shots and then seeing the final results. The new owner is so lucky!

  4. It's amazing!the horses are so hard to paint, I don't think I ever do it!I suppose you well know and love horses?
    Sure, you can be proud of your work, Elisabeth!

  5. So beautiful!! I thought I was looking at a picture when I saw the thumbnail. Great job!

  6. Liz this is a stunner.Outstanding work!It looks like a photograph.What wonderful detailing.Congrats!