Friday, July 1, 2011

"That Dog"

This is Sarah.  Her real name is Sera, short for Seraph, the single form of Seraphim.   We adopted Sera, and Rubi (R.I.P.), short for Cherub, the single form of Cherubim, about 11 years ago. We chose those names as they imply the high ranking class of celestial beings that surround the throne of God.  Seraphim, according to Christian angelic hierarchy, are the direct caretakers of God's throne, and sing "Holy, Holy, Holy..." 24/7 !  Cheribum, are described as "almighty and fearsome winged beasts and guardians of Eden."  NOT the innocent childlike being that Renaissance artists would have you believe them to be. The sisters, Sera and Rubi, although not always "angels," have many crazy stories about their life with the family ~ Frazier.  Sera is now retired (right Carol?), and enjoying her days as guardian of the ranch where my SIL keeps her horse.  She is old, as you can see by her graying face, but seems to have endless energy. She is loved!

6" x 6" oil on gessoed fiberboard


  1. I can see how well loved this dog is...she looks so content and so beautifully painted.

  2. I enjoyed the history of Sera as much as the painting!

  3. Sera looks like such a kind soul! Wonderful tribute Elizabeth.