Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Something's Fishy"

Isn't this terrific?  My daughter Laura created this collage for her art class. The rubric asked for the following:
     *Collage is clearly a portrait, still life, or landscape.
     *Collage exhibits Surrealism by using metamorphosis and/or combining realistic objects in an unrealistic way.
     *Objects and shapes are neatly and accurately cut.
     *There is a clear background and foreground. Images are organized into a clear
       picture, not randomly placed.
     *Design is balanced.
     *Similar art elements are included to give the collage a sense of unity.
     *Differences in art elements are included to add interest to the collage.
     *Collage is neatly glued with no tears or peeling edges.
     *There are no stray marks.

She had so much fun doing this project!  I had so much fun watching her enjoy the process! I'm pretty certain her teacher is going to love it! What do you think?

8" x 10" collage on fiberboard     $10,000.00    :D

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  1. It looks like she has your talent Liz!! She has ticked all the boxes,I'm sure her teacher will be thrilled with this!