Saturday, March 5, 2011


I originally started this pastel as a study using pastel pencils on Wallis sanded pastel paper.  My plan was to work in my mobile studio,(my 12 passenger van with a bench removed for my supplies), while I waited on 2 of my daughters in dance class.  It's an hour and a half drive to get them there, and not a lot for me to do in the city at that time of day.  At least nothing that doesn't involve spending money.  So... pastel pencils seemed like a great idea.  When I had finished the sketch, I tapped the back as usual, to remove loose pastel!  Horror struck as right before my eyes the drawing slid off the paper and onto the ground!
There was just a ghost of a sketch left!  My regular pastels are staying nicely on the Wallis ground, and I am finding that I really like this paper.

10"x10" pastel on Wallis       Sold


  1. Very nice piece Elizabeth!
    Wallis paper is great to work on - try also Senneliers La Carte Pastel? The advantage is they come in a wide range of colors. Both have wonderful grit to holds many, many layers.

  2. Thanks Susan! I'm placing an order with Dick Blick today, so I'll be sure to try some La Carte Paper, do you have a favorite color that you like to work on?